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In the 1960s and 1970s, whether it was hoarseness or blindness, or disability, it was labeled as “need to be supported for a lifetime”. From now on, whether they are married or established, for them, they are far from hopeless. In those days, the reluctance of people's bones would never let them make a living by begging.

Aping is one of them. In this era, how can we not think that a small fever can make people become deaf? Even if it is changed to the present, Aping should be able to enter the society to give himself a more complete home. It is a pity that he lived in the sixties and seventies.

In fact, A Ping can still make a sound, but it is limited to making a sound. He lives in his brother's house, but he doesn't stay at home every day to eat and die. Although he was uneducated and had not studied his skills, he was able to feed himself by the age of 40 or 50.


There is a small river in the village. In order to better plant the land, there are also many ditches. This allowed him to start from these places and rely on his own sensation to get a good skill in catching fish and shrimp.

Regardless of the wind and the sun, Aping will not miss the opportunity to fish for shrimp. His equipment is complete: glue cutting, cages, fishing nets, waist boots. Some things he bought from his brother, and some of them came back and repaired.

Every morning, he went to the cage to collect the net on time. At other times, he was not in the cage or sitting in his rubber fishing in the river, using his homemade net to fish for squid and so on. Bend the mulberry branches into a C shape, then use an iron rod to join it into a D shape, and then connect the thick fishing net. When you fish, put a haystack directly in it, and then carefully pick the grass and throw it out. The squid mud or fish is in your pocket. If you are lucky, you will have one or two hundred dollars a day.